So much soul - Urban Base Night with Joel Holmes - Portrait Only
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So much soul – Urban Base Night with Joel Holmes

A few memories from Urban Base Night last Thursday at Bikini Berlin’s creative hub Portrait Only – featuring Grammy-nominated pianist Joel Holmes (Brooklyn New York), accompanied by members of the Green House Expansion band. On the decks were oldschool legends DJ Marc Hype (Dusty Donuts) and Jah Fish (formerly Boogaloo) from West Berlin, Peter C. Krell from Reingold and Andre Gawlitza from the Wurzelfestival. There was also a surprise performance by Tommy Bosse and dancers.

It was the start of a new event series to be continued weekly, which aims to bring back the musical flavor that was predominant in the West during the Nineties.

Urban Base is a new kind of fusion sound: playing music live that used to be sampled by Hip Hop artists back in the days when two record players and a mixer (and in some cases an MPC) were all that musicians could afford. Now we are bringing this particular oldschool flavour back while giving it a new, well thought-through twist.

Participants have the rare opportunity to be photographed by the renowned celebrity photographer Kai Stuht, who has already taken portrait photographs of Hip Hop celebrities like Dr. Dre and Xzibit. Now he’s bringing the flavor back to the street so that everyone can afford to get their pictures taken by him.

Stay tuned for future shows!










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